We are open during COVID-19 and are CDC Compliant!


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Our Sessions

Five days/week* for three consecutive weeks

-We also can accommodate one- or two-week
sessions, calendar permitting


Session Times

-Usually, four hours/day, morning or afternoon
Morning: 8 am – 12 noon
Afternoon: 1 – 5 p.m

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Session 1 Jan. 5 – Jan. 24

Session 2 Jan 27 – Feb. 14

Session 3 Feb. 17 – March 6

Session 4 March 9 – March 27

Session 5 March 30 – April 17

Session 6 April 20 – May 8

Session 7 May 11 – May 29

Session 8 June 1 – June 19

Session 9 June 22 – July 10

Session 10 July 13 – July 31

Session 11 August 3 – August 21

Session 12 August 24 – Sept. 11

Session 13 Sept. 14 – Oct. 2

Session 14 Oct. 5 – Oct. 23

Session 15 Oct. 26 – Nov. 13

Session 16 Nov. 16 – Dec. 4*

Session 17 Dec. 7 – Dec. 23**

*(No treatment on 11/26 – Thanksgiving)

**(Session shortened to 13 days)


Session 1 Jan. 4 – Jan. 22
Session 2 Jan 25 – Feb. 12
Session 3 Feb. 15 – March 5
Session 4 March 8 – March 26
Session 5 March 29 – April 16
Session 6 April 19 – May 7
Session 7 May 10 – May 28
Session 8 May 31 – June 18
Session 9 June 21 – July 9
Session 10 July 12 – July 30
Session 11 August 2 – August 20
Session 12 August 23 – Sept. 10
Session 13 Sept. 13 – Oct. 1
Session 14 Oct. 4 – Oct. 22
Session 15 Oct. 25 – Nov. 12
Session 16 Nov. 15 – Dec. 3*
Session 17 Dec. 7 – Dec. 23**

*(No treatment on 11/25 – Thanksgiving)

**(Session shortened to 14 days)

Booking & Payment Process

Reserve a Session

Please call (801) 251-0257 with questions and/or to book a session.

Down Payment

A non-refundable down payment of $700 is due at the time of booking. We accept payment by card, cash, or bank/PayPal transfer. (This down payment will be applied to another session should you not be able to keep your initial reservation.)


Payment in full is due 30 days prior to your scheduled session; otherwise, your reservation will be forfeited. Any monies you have paid will be applied to a later session as scheduled.


If insurance coverage through a provider we are on-panel with is anticipated, the amount you may be responsible to cover is due 30 days prior to your scheduled session. Please discuss insurance questions with our office manager.

Cancellation of Therapy

In the event you need to cancel your reserved session for therapy, either after the deposit and/or full or partial payment is made, we will apply any such payments toward a future session. There will be no penalty or service charge for rescheduling.


Full refunds will be made only in the following situations:

  1. The child does not meet the criteria to participate in our intensive physical therapy program.

  2. The child’s physician will not authorize participation in the therapy due to medical reasons.


The health condition of many of our clients is such that they are easily susceptible to illness; therefore, please do not bring your child to therapy if he/she has a fever, has green nasal discharge, or has another contagious illness. The following are our therapy makeup policies:


If your child becomes ill before the session begins and is not able to attend, you will receive full credit toward a future available session. Documentation of the illness from your child’s physician is required.


If your child becomes ill during a session and is unable to finish the entire session, we will work with you to have your child make up days missed, as our schedule permits, in another session and when the child is healthy.


If your child becomes ill during a session and misses up to three (3) days but is still able to return before the end of the scheduled session, those missed days will not be made up.

Each Child Is Unique

Each child we serve at Intensive Physical Therapy Institute, LLC (IPTI) is unique, and we tailor his or her therapy in an individual way. We limit the number of children we treat each day and keep a tight schedule to accommodate as many children with disabilities as possible over the course of a year.

Insurances We Take

And others!


Ronald McDonald House

We are partners with the Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake City, and can refer patients to stay, if they live 30+ miles from our clinic.  Please talk to our staff about making arrangements.

You are responsible for making your own accommodation arrangements if traveling from out of town.