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The equipment used in our pediatric physical therapy promotes correct alignment, allows for feedback to the brain, gives support and stability while the child grows in ability and confidence.

The NeuroSuit™

  • Brings the body into correct alignment.
  • Provides compression distributed throughout the body.
  • Increases awareness of the body.
  • Provides resistance with every movement, thus increasing strength.
  • Creates NEW pathways to/from the brain, allowing new or improved motor skills to be formed.
  • Provides dynamic correction of movements, reinforcing proper movement during skills such as walking.

Universal Exercise Units

These steel units have three framed walls and a top, resembling a cage. They are referred to as the Spider Cage and the Monkey Cage, depending on usage.


The cage promotes stability, balance and control, and self-confidence

The Stander

  • Increase mineral bone density
  • Assist in the formation of the hip joints
  • Decrease risk of bladder infection

The body achieves correct postural alignment in the upright position working against the effects of gravity


While in the stander, we can adjust for differences in leg length to achieve balance 

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