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“Function Follows Form”

is the mantra of the late Dr. Karen Pape, neonatologist, clinical neuroscientist and author of The Boy who Could Run But Not Walk, Barlow Book Publishing 2016.

If the form isn’t correct, the function will also be incorrect.

Muscle Tone

  • Organize and/or normalize tone to prepare the child’s body and brain to receive input
  • Use sensory integration techniques to maximize input during intensive physical therapy
  • Decrease the pathological (compulsive) movements (according to specific patterns found in each child)

From primitive reflexes…

  …to organized postural alignment

Skill Building

After organizing the child’s body, we work on specific skills to achieve your goals, encouraging your child to improve function and gain confidence.


This is where we bring it all together and have fun! We want to see what your child can do. We love to use commands like, “Show me!” “Let me see what you can do!” “You do it–your turn!” Then we stand back and watch your child shine.

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