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Our Solutions

These solutions have been designed to help every child succeed to their functional ability.


Intensive Model of Therapy


Neuro-Developmental Treatment


Dynamic Movement Intervention


Exoskeletal Device

Universal Ex. Unit

Universal Exercise Unit

What People Say

We care about you and your child and want them to achieve success.

Why Choose Intensive Physical Therapy?

Many of our parents tell us they are losing faith that they can find solutions to help their child’s function–to crawl, to sit up or to walk.  They worry about the level of dysfunction they and their child will be facing their entire life. Here are some of the challenges that can be avoided with our program:


1. Many parents receive dire prognosis for their child without much hope for the future. Our program helps restore their belief and hope


We help people avoid long term financial burdens with medical expenses, long-term care and lost income due to child care.

1. Medical Expenses: frequent medical interventions, surgeries, medications, or specialized equipment to manage their condition.
2. Long-term Care Costs: extensive long-term care or assisted living arrangements, with decreased function
3. Lost Income: parents required to take care of the child full time, preventing work- life and limited income opportunities


1. A more functional child is prepared with the skills we help them develop in case a caregiver dies prematurely or deals with health concerns of their own


1. Relieve strain and additional emotional pressure on parents, other siblings and the child
2. Decreased Isolation: We offer a way for you to be involved with friends and community that understand your challenges
3. Caregivers can deal with physical injury as the child ages and gets larger, our treatments will improve the child’s functional ability


1. Mobility: mobility and motor skills, limitations in movement, decreased IADLs (e.g. getting in and out of bed, walking, getting in and out of a car)
2. Muscle Weakness: increased or decreased muscle tone effecting posture, functional transfers and mobility
3. Developmental Delays: we help your child avoid developmental delays and decreased milestones
4. Pain and Discomfort: Increased functionality will help decrease pain and discomfort
5. Many of our patients are able to walk because of our therapy treatments
6. We help the child increase sensory processing, which influences motor and behavioral skills

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