Physical Therapist, Clinic Founder and Co-owner

Muriel Lee

Born in London England, Muriel Lee has had a full, active life. In her early teens, she and her family immigrated to Ontario Canada. After graduating college she returned to London to attend the Middlesex Hospital School of Physical Therapy. 


In 2013, Intensive Physical Therapy Institute (IPTI) opened its doors in Millcreek Utah. Implementing the Intensive Model of Therapy (IMOT), IPTI specializes in working with children with special needs and those needing traditional therapy.  During this time, Muriel traveled to India where she earned her Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) certification and later to Canada where she certified in Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI).

Muriel has a passion for what she does. She loves who she has become by interacting with these unique children, often saying that they are her greatest teachers.